TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 74

C 74

The Green War Demon had never considered Raon a child, not since his surprise attack.

He was hiding his presence as well as a wild animal, and his slash had no sign of hesitation.

‘An assassin, and a highest-level assassin on top of that.’

If that monster’s name wasn’t Zieghart, he would’ve thought he was an assassin.

However, his surprise attack had only succeeded halfway, and the Green War Demon had the vitality of an orc fighter.

He prepared for the next attack while burning up his combative energy and his vitality. It seemed Raon had spent a lot of his power in that surprise attack, as he was unable to move right after.

In the meantime, he stopped his shoulder’s bleeding with his combative energy and gathered his power.

‘It’s over.’

He had lost his arm and shoulder together, but since he managed to survive the first strike, he thought he was going to win without much difficulty.

Since he was raised as an assassin, he thought he would be weak in a head on fight.

Surrounding his axe with combative energy, he pummeled it down on him. He wanted to split him in two like firewood, but Raon easily managed to deflect the attack.

‘How can he be proficient at something other than surprise attacks? At that age?’

It didn’t make any sense.

Even if he was a Zieghart, it was impossible for such a young boy to deflect his attack like that.

‘He isn’t normal.’

The Green War Demon felt uneasy somehow and kept swinging his axe at Raon.

However, he managed to defend himself against all his attacks by blocking whatever he could block and evading whatever he needed to evade. He didn’t feel like he was fighting against a young boy anymore, but a swordsman that had gone through countless battlefields.


The Green War Demon had the orc fighter’s sense of smell. As long as he had that ability to grasp the enemy’s weakness and what they were lacking, he couldn’t possibly lose.

‘I did it.’

He understood everything about the young boy’s swordsmanship. He swung his axe at the weakness he managed to find.




The clashing sound of sword and axe resounded out loud. A satisfying sensation could be felt through his hand. Beheading him was now just a matter of time.

He swung his axe at the faltering boy. When he expected blood to gush out from his neck, his sword bent in a direction that he had never seen before to attack him.




Because of the powerful strike and his carelessness, his axe was pushed back and his posture was broken.


Before he managed to regain his footing, Raon attacked him. He swung his sword, slashing through his combative energy.




The sound of his chest and ribs being split apart resounded in his ears, and he felt an excruciating pain.


The Green War Demon coughed up blood and grabbed his chest with his remaining hand.

“You bastard. How did you even…”

“Just like you figured out my swordsmanship, I also analyzed your attacking method.”

“...Do you expect me to believe that…”

“Why not? If you can do it, then I can do it as well.”

He gulped.

The faint smell of danger was getting stronger. He had a talent that he had never seen before, despite having witnessed countless talented people. He had a premonition that he was going to become Eden’s strongest enemy if he was left alone.

‘At any cost…’

He needed to kill him.




He surrounded his axe by burning up his remaining combative energy and vitality. The double-edged axe’s blade was burning intensely, engulfed in flames.


The moment he was about to strike in order to get rid of the boy named Raon and the other Ziegharts behind him,




His eyes started burning in a crimson color.




The moment he murmured ‘The Ten Flames of the Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’, the small flame burning at the tip of his blade spread to the edge and ten flowers of flame blossomed.


His chest tightened as he saw the flames. The injury on his chest, which he’d stopped from bleeding, burst open once more.

The boy pointed his burning sword at him, his eyes shining like a demon.

“Consider yourself lucky to become the first victim of the ‘Ten Flames’.”


* * *


Raon’s eyes shone, watching the flame surrounding his entire sword.

‘It was a success.’

He thought it was still impossible for him, but he managed to complete the ‘Ten Flames’ thanks to the enlightenment he’d had during the battle.




Overflowing power, strong enough to cut the Green War Demon apart in his unscathed state, burst from the sword.


The Green War Demon’s astonishment could be seen through his helmet.

“Wh-what the hell are you?! How can you be so strong at this age…”

It looked like his astonishment had surpassed the orc fighter’s instinct, since his voice had returned to a human’s.

“That’s not the important part right now.”

Raon took a step forward, spinning his flaming sword.

“Come at me.”


White steam billowed from his helmet. He started gathering all his remaining energy on his right arm.




He kicked the ground and pierced into him. The double-edged axe that was pummeling down contained all his remaining energy.




The moment the axe was right under his nose, Raon thrust the sword he was keeping at his back.

‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation, Ten Flames’.

‘Flame’s Dancing Wind’.

The flower blossoms sitting on his blade spread out and started rotating. It looked like a whirlwind was rising from his sword as a tremendous firepower split apart the Green War Demon’s combative energy.




Facing the power of Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation’s sword technique, Flame’s Dancing Wind—which could be used after completing the Ten Flames—the Green War Demon grit his teeth.

“It’s not over yet! I’m going to get rid of you at any cost…”

“No, it’s already over.”

Raon calmly declared, swinging his sword.




The combative energy, already torn apart, couldn't withstand the Ten Flames’ fire. The flaming silver blade pierced through the Green War Demon’s heart.

“Keuh, y-you Ziegh…”

Unable to finish his last sentence, he collapsed on his back.




The dark green helmet on his head split in half, along with his armor. A young man in his twenties was found dead inside of it, with his eyes white.

Raon extinguished the Ten Flames’ fire.


He breathed out roughly, feeling his pent-up exhaustion. He was about to sink to his knees as his strength left his legs, but he endured it and turned around.

He could feel the gazes of the trainees and the villagers, full of various emotions like astonishment, shock, relief, awe, etc.



“You bastard! Are you seriously…”

Burren’s lip trembled, unable to finish his sentence, and Runaan sank to her knees as if she was more anxious than he was. Martha’s eyes were shining, as if she was going to pounce at him at once.

“It’s not over yet.”

Raon raised his sword, pointing at the bewildered green demons. Since they had never expected the Green War Demon to lose, they were at a complete loss.

“Wipe them all out!”


The trainees, who's fighting spirit could pierce the heavens thanks to Raon’s victory, dashed at the green demons surrounding the battlefield.


Raon rotated the ‘Ring of Fire’ to melt down the exhaustion surrounding his body and started filling his energy center with aura.

‘This is so great.’

The ‘Ring of Fire’ was most effective after the fight, despite being also useful before and during it.

The aura that he had exhausted was full to bursting once again, like a boat riding a strong current, and lactic acid filling his muscles were melting away.

On top of that, it stopped the coldness inside his mana circuit from rampaging—which was about to happen—so it was truly the greatest cultivation method in many ways.

‘This is pretty funny.’

Since he had obtained the ‘Ring of Fire’ while running away after fighting against Eden, it could be considered funny.

They were also the enemies that had killed his father and his sister, though.


“Kill all the green demons!”

“Finish the battle!”

Since Raon was still standing and watching them, the green demons didn’t dare attack back nor run away. They just offered their necks to the trainees.

The battle ended in less than ten minutes, and the trainees were the only ones standing in front of the wooden fence.


After slaying the last green demon, Runaan ran up to him and grabbed his shoulder. It seemed to be her way of complimenting him.

“Raon Zieghart.”

Burren approached him after that.

“Haa, y-you were right. The enemies were strong, and we were weak. It looks like I was blinded from that one victory. I’m sorry.”

He bowed while biting his lip, so much that it could be mistaken as a pledge of obedience.

“If it wasn’t for you, not only us but the villagers we were supposed to save would also have died. Thank you. And I’m sorry. However…”

Burren continued, while raising his head.

“I would’ve still gone to help them. Even if I’m too weak, ignoring injustice isn’t what a Zieghart swordsman would do.”

“You did well.”

Raon nodded, meeting Burren’s green eyes.


“I managed to find the Green War Demon’s opening thanks to you fighting with everything you have. You took a great part in this victory.”

“Wh-what are your intentions?! What do you want from me?!”

Hearing a compliment he had never expected, Burren’s fingers trembled in nervousness.

“I’m being honest.”

“Hmm… I-it will be different next time.”

Burren murmured, lowering his head.

“I’m going to be strong enough to catch up to you in the future and do my job properly!”

He bowed once again. It was his expression of gratitude, for saving his life and giving him enlightenment.

“Thank you for saving me and everyone’s lives.”

After saying that, Burren entered the village along with the collaterals. It looked like they were going to start the reconstruction right away.

Considering the way he was thinking about the village in that situation, he really had the talent to become a leader.


Raon called Martha, who was standing still with her arms crossed.

“Good job. I managed to direct the fight in my favor thanks to you doing your job.”

If Martha didn’t attract the Green War Demon’s attention until the end, he would’ve failed his surprise attack and the fight would’ve been a lot more difficult.

She had done better than she was told.

“I should bite my tongue and kill myself if I can’t even follow the instructions.”

After swaying her corner of her lips, Martha turned her head and entered the village. Despite what she said, she seemed to like the compliment.


Raon sighed. Probably because his tension had disappeared completely, the strength left his legs regardless of his body’s exhaustion.




As he was about to collapse back, he felt something soft touch his back. He turned his head and saw Runaan supporting him.

“You looked like you were going to collapse.”

She nodded her head.

“How did you realize that?”

“It was the same during the training.”

Runaan nodded head, her mouth closed.

“I see.”

Just as he had been watching the other trainees, it seemed they had been watching him as well.


Raon snickered and sat down. He wanted to fall asleep. He had been too tense.


[You have surpassed…]


Multiple messages were appearing in front of his eyes, but he didn’t have any energy left to read them. He just closed his eyes and fell asleep.

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