TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 71

 C 71

“Wh-what do you mean?!” 

Burren’s eyes were full of disbelief.

“I mean just that.”

Raon walked to the front to meet every trainee's eyes.

“The mission isn’t over yet.”

“That’s what I’m asking! We’ve killed all the monsters, and even finished cleaning it up, so why is the mission still not over?”

“What was our mission?”

“Huh? That’s…”

Burren frowned, then opened his mouth again.

“The monster extermination and the village’s protection.”

“Yes. Our mission includes the village’s protection on top of the monster extermination.”

“But we’ve already finished it! It’s over since we’ve killed all the monsters!”


Raon shook his head, and looked towards Cebu village, where they came from.

“We’ve been under observation until just now. The observing gaze went away about an hour ago.”


“Wh-what do you mean?”


The surprised trainees stood up at once.

“I-it must be an instructor.”

Burren forced himself to twist the corners of his mouth. It seemed he couldn’t believe there was someone observing them.

“It must be an instructor who came to watch over us…”

“There’s no way I couldn’t tell who it was if it was an instructor’s presence. That presence observed not only us, but also the entire village. Moreover…”

Raon pointed at the road they had walked past.

“As soon as we went half a day’s distance away from the village, the presence disappeared. Towards the village, on top of that.”

“Which means… Is it another enemy?”

Burren’s jaw dropped. He looked at the village with trembling eyes.

“Is that true?”

Martha, who had been silent, stood up with a frown.

“I’m sure of it.”

“When did you start feeling that gaze?”

“As soon as we arrived at the hill from where we could see the village.”

“Wait! Then the reason you gave the command to Burren was…”

“Correct. I hid my presence in order to observe that gaze more clearly.”


Martha gulped.

‘What the hell is he…?’

The hair at the back of her neck stood on end upon hearing Raon’s words.

Not only had he felt a gaze and presence that even she couldn’t feel, but he had also been investigating the gaze while hiding in the middle of the trainees by making Burren the top trainee. His perception and the depth of his thoughts were so astonishing that she couldn’t even speak.

“W-was that the reason why you gave me the command?”

“I thought you would manage the trainees better than me if you took command.”


“You did perfectly as the top trainee, better than I’d thought. Thanks to that, they will think that you are the top trainee and shouldn’t have felt my presence. You really did great, worthy of Zieghart’s name like you said. I’ll suggest that you’re made vice-top trainee once we return.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

Burren’s lip quivered and he lowered his head.

‘Damn it!’

He was too embarrassed to raise his head.

‘I thought I did a great job…’

He believed Raon was speechless to his perfect performance, yet it wasn’t the case at all. He had been hiding behind in order to hold the observer, the one that no one had noticed, in check.

While he was focused on a small thing like the top trainee’s right to command, Raon had been watching something much further and higher up.




However, it was funny that he didn’t feel bad hearing Raon’s compliment.

It was a complicated feeling, a mixture of embarrassment and achievement.

“You probably didn’t know this, but orcs, goblins, and kobolds aren’t capable of cooperating. The ones that have been observing us must’ve done something with them.”

Without mentioning Eden, Raon told them about what he saw and felt.

“Our first mission is the village’s protection. Our mission hasn’t ended as we don’t know the intention of that observer.”

He grabbed his bag and stood up.

“We are returning to Cebu village. However, unlike before—when we casually walked in where anyone could notice—we are going to move silently, so that no one will notice us.”

He continued after glancing at everyone.

“It would be great to have something to camouflage ourselves with, but since we didn’t bring anything like that, let’s start with the steps…”

“I-I have something.”

Dorian, who had been out of his mind, raised his hand.


“I have covers to hide our military outfits with, and bands to attach leaves on our clothes.”

“Having one or two of them won’t be of any use. It will make you stick out inst…”

“I have enough.”

Dorian took out a bunch of covers and bands from his belly pocket. Raon couldn’t understand what the hell was wrong with him, bringing all of that around.

“How did you…”

“I brought them just in case.”

“Are you saying you brought forty pieces of camouflage equipment just in case?”

“It’s better to be well prepared.”

“A-anyway, good job.”


Dorian smiled happily at getting complimented by Raon for the first time. Then his face grew clouded once again since they were probably going to fight once they returned to the village.

“Since we have enough materials, start camouflaging yourselves the way you’ve learned in the training ground. Come back here in ten minutes, and…”

Raon raised his head after putting on the cover before anyone else.


 “Huh? Uuh!”

“Return to the Zieghart branch office immediately and convey to them exactly what I told you.”


“You are the fastest.”

Even though Dorian was faster, something might happen where he is needed.


Probably because he was happy about being acknowledged, Krein nodded immediately and started running in the opposite direction of the village.

Raon watched him run for a moment, then turned his head.

“From now on, you must obey my orders no matter what. Refusal isn’t an option.”


* * *

“Everyone left.”

The man wearing a mask with an eyeball drowning on it knelt down.

“Are you sure?”

The young man holding a green helmet turned his head.

“Yes. I’ve confirmed their exit as they celebrated their victory for half a day. I’ve also checked the other side just in case, but there were no notable problems.”

“Then we can start now.”

The young man snickered, then equipped the patternless helmet.


He spoke as if he were chanting, then green rusty water flowed down under the helmet.




Enormous muscles expanded from his arms and chest, his fingers growing as hard as steel and his legs growing as thick as tree roots.

What he was wearing wasn’t normal knight armor.

It was the grotesque armor of an orc, and not just any orc—a fighter orc that stood on the frontlines of the orc raiders.




Red eyes, full of murderous intent, shone from the orc fighter’s helmet.


A grotesque roar burst from his throat. It wasn’t a human’s voice, but a sound made by a monster.


The orcs came running out from behind him, as if they were answering the roar.

The man pointed towards Cebu village with a hand surrounded by a threatening red energy.



The orcs ran down the mountain, all while screaming in hostility. Their movements were incomparably fiercer than when the trainees were killing them.


The man wearing the orc fighter armor smiled savagely and watched the monsters rushing to the village like a tidal wave.




Raon and the trainees arrived at the hill, where they could see the whole village underneath.

“Nothing happened yet, though.”

Burren frowned upon seeing the village. There was nothing but smoke, showing how peaceful it was.

“Just wait. And lower your voice and body.”


Hearing Raon’s command, Burren closed his mouth and leaned forward.

“You must be extremely careful from now on, including your breathing. We might be annihilated the moment we get found out.”



The trainees covered their mouths with their trembling hands.

“You are exaggerating…”

“It doesn’t matter what happens, right? Since we are Ziegharts…”

However, a few collaterals that didn’t believe Raon complained. They were full of confidence, carried away by their first victory.

“Silence. You can complain once everything becomes clear.”

The collaterals only shut their mouths and sat down after Burren told them to.

“Fill your stomach in advance with jerky, then put on your winter clothes. We won’t be able to start a fire even if it gets cold at night.”

The trainees followed Raon’s command, albeit complaining slightly.

As such, the sun set on Cebu Mountain, and the dark night came.

Under the pitch-dark mountain, hundreds of red lights shone. Green monsters poured out alongside with the ruby colored lights.


“O-orcs! They are monsters!”

“It was true?”

The trainees gulped, seeing the orcs’ brutal eyes.


Burren bit his dry lip. They had thoroughly investigated Cebu Mountain and the surrounding area, and no monsters had been found. It didn’t make any sense that so many monsters had appeared in such a short time.

‘He was right.’

Just like Raon had said, monsters that were even more powerful and ferocious than the ones they had exterminated were rushing towards the village.


Ding Ding Ding!


The villager standing watch on the wooden fence rang the bell. The village that was buried in darkness lit up and grew noisy.

“Damn it!”

Burren stood up, grit his teeth. He breathed out roughly while drawing his sword.

“Let’s go. Let’s put an end to it this time for sure…”

“Sit down.”

Raon gestured with his chin with a frightening gaze.


“I told you already. There was a gaze observing us. That wasn’t something like a monster, but a human. Their identity wasn’t revealed yet.”

“B-but Cebu village’s forces can’t defend against that many orcs!”

“Even then, we are going to stand by. We are going to be the ones annihilated at a single mistake.”

It was an accurate decision without being swayed by the emotions. They shouldn’t make their move until they could properly identify the enemy's numbers and power.

“You said that already! Our mission is the village’s protection! We have to move immediately!”

“The instructor also mentioned that giving up or withdrawing are also a viable choice in the mission. Now isn’t the right time to move.”

“I-I can’t stand watching it.”

Burren’s hand holding the sword trembled.

“Letting them die like that isn’t something a Zieghart swordsman would do!”

The orcs’ charge was reflected in his green eyes.

“You are right.”

“We are Ziegharts. We can’t withdraw after seeing the weak in a predicament.”

“Even if they are Eden?”

Raon’s composed voice cut into the trainees’ words full of passion.

“E-Eden? Eden from the Five Demons?”

“Are you saying they are those lunatics?”

“Eden is famous for controlling monsters. There’s no way that many monsters would suddenly appear unless Eden is involved.”


“Wh-why the Five Demons…”

The trainees’ eyes blurred as if they were being eroded upon hearing that their enemy was Eden of the Five Demons. Everyone knew just how powerful and frightening an organization Eden was.

“I know about Eden’s power. They didn’t attack us back then, which means they are afraid of Zieghart’s name.”

Burren clenched his fist so tightly that it could bleed.

“I can’t show my back and run away from such people. I believe drawing my sword here for them is what a Zieghart swordsman should do.”

“I’m not telling you to not help them whatsoever. We need to first understand the situation, then decide if we can fight…”

“That would be too late. Half of the villagers would be dead by then.”

He looked at Raon with trembling eyes.

“You know, I’ve acknowledged you. After watching your efforts, I acknowledged you in my heart as the one more befitting to the Zieghart name than me! But this is wrong! I’m going to help the village, even if that means I have to fight you when you try to stop me.”

Burren drew his sword. His well-polished sword reflected his resolute face under the moonlight.

“You don’t have to follow me. Follow me if you agree with me!”

He ran down the hill, surrounded by a green aura and unbreakable will.

“We shall go as well. Let’s show the Five Demons how powerful Zieghart's sword is!”


When Raon clicked his tongue, somebody stood up next to him.

“I’m going to go too.”

Runaan ran down the hill, surrounded by a blue frost.

“We will follow you!”

The trainees from vassal families drew their swords and stuck next to her.

“L-let’s go as well!”

“You are right. We are also Zieghart’s trainees!”

The commoner trainees that were affected by Burren and Runaan’s conviction also drew their swords and ran towards the village’s light.

More than half of them had left, but Raon wasn’t flustered.

‘Because I knew this would happen.’

He already knew the trainees were those kinds of people. Having them run down to help them was also a part of his plan.

He had even used aura to specifically send Runaan a message to go down to help Burren.

However, the most unexpected person was staying.

“Why are you not going?”

Raon turned around to look at Martha, who was leaning back against a tree.

“I told you already. I’ll follow your instructions on this mission, regardless of what they are.”

Raon could see the sincerity in her shining black eyes. It seemed she had her own conviction.

“I see.”

Raon snickered.

“Then what are you going to do now? Are you just going to spectate them from here?”

“No, we are going to move as well.”

Raon shook his head and stood up. The orcs had already reached the wooden fence.

It looked like a red mist was shimmering from the people’s fear and the orcs’ madness.

“But instead of moving openly like them, we are going to hide our presence. Warm yourself up so you can move whenever it is necessary.”

After giving out his instructions, he glared halfway up Cebu Mountain instead of at Cebu village. A powerful and thick murderous intent was wavering over there.

‘He must be there.’

He could stop the trainees, but the reason he let them do as they pleased was simple.

Because he managed to identify the man over there.

A monster that had borrowed an orc fighter’s strength and combative spirit was looking down on the village from midway up the mountain.

It would be difficult to win against him if he fought him head on, but assassination was a different story.

‘I’m more than capable of killing him as long as they keep his attention.’

Raon turned his wrist, shining his red eyes as the moon floated in the sky.

‘This is going to be a long night.’

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