TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 66

 C 66

Raon furrowed his brows.

‘Is he thanking me?’

He couldn’t understand it.

He had shattered the strategy Kein did his best to devise, he had won against him in the duel, and he had also hit his chest in the end, so he couldn’t understand why he was lowering his head to thank him.

“You look like you don’t understand.”

Kein smirked, like he expected that to happen.

“I believed that we could defeat you guys no matter what in this all-out battle. I had identified your personalities and might before the battle was even decided so that we could win against you whenever it happened.”

“That was indeed rather dangerous.”

Understanding Martha and Burren’s personalities and swordsmanship to devise a strategy against them had worked. If he hadn’t sent Runaan to call them back, they would’ve been eliminated right there.

“Yes. However, it was dangerous, and we didn’t manage to win. I believed everything was over after a small victory. I never expected you to have a better perception than me, for you to be skilled at hiding your presence, and I didn’t think Martha and Burren would change that much.”

Kein sighed heavily.

“Lastly, I never imagined losing in a one-on-one fight against you. Aura was the one thing I was confident about since cultivating was all I did while recovering, yet I still can’t believe I lost to such a small flame.”

He was still thinking that the ‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’ was weak. It was a mistake, but since he didn’t really need to correct him, he didn’t say anything.

“I really learned a lot during this battle. I have to always keep in mind that there might be someone better than me in the enemy camp, despite them being younger, and never let my guards down.”

He saw Kein’s eyes. Those were satisfied eyes, like after filling one’s stomach with delicious food. It seemed that everything he’d said so far was his honest thoughts.

‘He isn’t too bad for a member of the direct line.’

It was just like he’d said. One always had to consider the possibility of the enemy hiding their strength. When he was an assassin, he could be called the best because he was prepared for every possibility.

“I see.”

Raon nodded to Kein and looked around the restaurant.

The fifth and the sixth training grounds’ trainees were now talking and laughing together like friends, all while eating the food.

“What do you think about while swinging your sword?”

 “I don’t know about thinking, I just follow my instincts. And I already told you to scram!”

Even Martha, who has been acting irritated, was now responding a little after hearing so many compliments. Just a little, though…

“That much willpower is obvious for one who aims to become a Zieghart swordsman.”

“Indeed. A Zieghart swordsman would let his left side get stabbed after getting hit on the right side if that allowed them to achieve victory.”

Burren and Decal were laughing together with red faces, as if they were drunk.


Munch munch.


Runaan was eating fruit after finishing her conversation with Karin. It looked like she liked the fruit, since she had a bunch of them piled up in front of her, which reminded him of a squirrel.

‘How curious.’

It was strange how they could become so close after fighting each other so fiercely.

He thought the atmosphere was going to be as heavy as a funeral when he first heard they were going to have a feast together, but he was completely wrong. The restaurant actually felt like a small festival.

“You’re also weird.”

As he was wondering why, Kein, who was eating a chicken, snickered.


“Aren’t you curious about why those that have been fighting each other have now become so friendly?”


“I knew it.”

Kein nodded, confirming his guess.

“Shall I tell you the answer? It’s because they fought each other.”

“I know that already. But why does fighting…”

“No, it’s not just because they fought, but because they fought under the name of Zieghart.”

He pointed at the trainees that were talking about that day’s battle.

“We are all Zieghart. No one used underhanded methods, everyone did their best to fight in order to achieve victory. Everyone who clashed with their swords is aware of that fact.”

When Raon thought about it, it was just like he said. He could clearly feel Kein’s feelings while clashing his sword with his. Victory was his only wish.

“Since they did everything they could, they must feel refreshed whether they lost or won. They aren’t pretending to be friendly, but they actually became friends a little.”

Having said that, Kein drank juice as if he was drinking a beer.

“Is that so…?”

He felt like he could understand the reason that they looked so close, and why he couldn’t understand it, a little.

‘Because it wasn’t like this in my previous life.’

The all-out battles also happened as part of training when he was being raised as an assassin.

However, unlike here, the weak lost their lives despite it being training. He couldn’t even think about making friends, and he thanked the fact that he could live to see another day in despair.

‘This has to be the correct way.’

If people that trained in the same place under the same name fought against each other with everything they had, then the result should’ve been what he was witnessing right now.

However, what the instructors wanted him to be wasn’t a human being but an obedient dog. Since the training was about killing each other, doubting and resenting each other was a natural outcome.

“You looked so calm during the fight, just like an old warrior that had experienced all kinds of battles. Now you look your age. You’re such a strange character.”

Kein smiled while chewing on the meat. Rather than making fun of him, he seemed to be enjoying it.

“Is that so?”

Raon smiled back. Of course, the smile had a different meaning than Kein’s.

‘I really don’t know anything.’

He was getting stronger and stronger, and his assassination technique and experience still remained in his head, but he was lacking more than anyone there in terms of humanity. It was an ashamed smile.


He sighed slowly and looked out the window. The setting sun was pressing gently on his eyes.

It was probably because of the situation, or because he’d heard of something that reminded him of his previous life.

He recalled his old memories.

It was when he didn’t even have the code name Raon. The memories of the days he struggled with a dagger in his hand in order to survive were filling up his brain.

The children that were running at him in order to kill him during the real battle training. He didn’t even know their faces since they were wearing masks, but they might have been able to live on like this if they hadn’t been taken away to that place.

They would’ve met friends they’d gotten along with, and laughed happily, and talked to each other. They might have face difficulties, but they would’ve lived a better life than dying like that. His hands trembled in grief.

‘That’s right. Everything was…’

Derus Robert.

It was because of that damned fraud that was the previous king of the south, the Sky Sword Saint. His wrath against him filled his heart after a long time.



* * *

As Raon was grit his teeth, he heard Runaan’s clear voice. He suddenly came back to his senses.

Tsk, that damn brat dares to interrupt!

Wrath’s voice of regret was heard from his bracelet. It looked like he had slightly stimulated his emotions in the process.

‘You are really…’

W-wait! Why are you letting go of such a nice wrath?! Develop it even more! Don’t you need to take your revenge? The King of Essence…

‘Go away already.’

Kuh! You bastard…

Raon put Wrath back into the bracelet.


There was some interference from Wrath, but those were his real emotions. He was going to kill Derus Robert, no matter what.

“I’m okay.”


He smiled lightly at Runaan, who was staring at him, and she started eating fruit once again. She really looked like a squirrel when she was eating.

“Raon Zieghart.”

Kein, who had already finished the chicken, called his name while tapping the table.

“I have a suggestion.”


“How about having a match like this between the training grounds from time to time? One-on-one would also be fine, and another all-out battle like today’s would be meaningful, in my opinion.”

The restaurant fell silent. It seemed his voice was rather loud. The trainees that had been talking were now looking at them.


After looking around the children, he couldn’t see anyone who disliked the idea.

Martha was frowning, signaling him to decline the offer, but since she was the only one against it he didn’t care about her.

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

“You are cool, I knew it!”

Kein hit the table and stood up.


“It’s going to be interesting from now on!”

“I’m not going to lose next time!”

“What are you on about? We are going to win again next time, for sure!”

The trainees' voices became louder. They were all rejoicing that they made new connections.

“God damn it!”

Except for one person. 

Martha swore and glared at Raon.

Raon ignored her gaze and looked at the right end. The important people, the ones that could decide on Kein’s suggestions, were busy with something else.

“Wait, are you saying the food expenses here aren’t the price for losing the bet?”

“Obviously not. Did I ever tell you to pay for the food because you lost the bet? I just asked you to pay.”

“But I already gave you money.”

“That was the down payment.”

Instead of talking about the trainees' battles or what they could’ve done better, Rimmer and Metun were talking about the bet.

“That doesn’t make any sense…”

“This and that are different stories. The price for the bet is usually gold coins. Well, give it to me already. Pay for the food here as well.”

Rimmer extended his hand while grinning.

“You must be the only elf with so much greed.”

“Ah, thank you for the compliment.”

“Wow. I’m so angry.”

Metun hit Rimmer’s hand with a heavy gold coin pouch.

“Thank you, mister easy customer, I mean customer. Please do it again in the future.”

After getting the money, Rimmer stood up holding the beer glass.

“Hey kids, you did great today. Rest well tomorrow, see you again the day after at the training ground!”

He waved his hand and left the restaurant.

‘You aren’t going anywhere.’

Raon sneered and followed him.

‘I can’t let him be the only one benefiting from this.’




“I win every time I bet on Raon.”

Rimmer was cheerfully heading over to the gambling house.

‘Raon is my lucky boy!’

He was anxious because the trainees were losing one-sidedly, but in the end they met his expectations.

As soon as Raon made his move, the disadvantageous situation was reversed and they achieved a perfect victory. It looked like he was never going to lose in the future as long as he kept betting on Raon.

“A gamble that I can win 100% of the time is a golden calf! I want to do that every day now.”

“Such a gamble doesn’t exist in the world.”


He hurriedly turned his head at the pleasant voice coming from behind him. Raon was looking at the gold pouch in his hand coldly.

“R-Raon? Why are you here? You should eat more…”

“It looks like you won a lot from betting on us.”


“And this isn’t the first or the second time, right?”


He was correct both times. He did earn a lot of money thanks to Raon. Like, seriously.


Raon raised his finger and pointed at the gold pouch.


“Since you won thanks to us, please use half of it on us.”

“H-half would be too much!”

“There’s gonna be nothing left of it by tomorrow anyway.”

“I might triple the money! Who knows?”

“I’ve never seen you win anything at the gambling house.”

He snorted. Rimmer was frustrated, but he was right. However, this time was different. He had a great feeling about it.

“I have a great feeling. I’m going to win ten-fold, and use half of it to…”

“That won’t be necessary. The half is already plenty for us.”

“I don’t want to! Everything was my…”

“Then I’m not going to cooperate in the future.”


“Since it’s obvious when the instructor is placing a bet, I might lose on purpose.”

“There’s no way you are going to do such a thing… Hmm.”

Rimmer groaned. Raon’s calm eyes were telling him that he was serious.

‘D-did I go too far?’

Now that he thought about it, he kept winning during the spars with Burren and Martha and kept everything to himself.

“I’m not asking you to give it to me, but I’m asking to spend it on the trainees.”

“Haa, alright. What is it? What do you need?”

“There was something I felt during the battle against the sixth training ground.”

Raon smiled slightly for the first time and continued.

“What the trainees need is…”




Two days later.

“Huh? What’s this?”

“A dummy?”

“This is a dummy used for practicing swordsmanship.”

The trainees’ eyes shone, looking at the training dummies placed on the left side of the training ground.

“A dummy for swordsmanship practice?”

“Yes. When you strike the training dummy with your sword, it returns an even stronger power. I heard it’s great for preparing for actual battle.”

“Really? But why did we get these out of nowhere?”

The trainees tilted their heads, looking at the training dummy.

“The instructor bought it for us.”



Hearing from Raon, the trainees’ surprised gazes turned to Rimmer, who was lying down on the platform.

“You must’ve felt it during the previous battle, but you often lose the grip on your sword or gain wrist injuries because of the reaction while clashing swords with an enemy. He must’ve bought it in preparation for that.”


“Did that gambling addict really…?”

“That means… Did he use the money he won two days ago for this?”


The trainees approached Rimmer with impressed eyes.


Even Burren, who blatantly disliked Rimmer, opened his eyes wide in surprise.

“Yes. Work hard with it.”

Rimmer smiled helplessly, waving his hand.

‘It’s so damn expensive.’

The training dummy was more expensive than he thought. He didn’t even have half the gold left after buying a few of them. Then he got angry and placed the rest in a bet and lost everything. He really ended up penniless, just like Raon had said.

However, Rimmer’s mouth curved up into a slight smile as he watched the trainees enjoying themselves while hitting the training dummies.

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