TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 63

 C 63

“Why do you think you lost?”

The trainees couldn’t answer Raon’s quiet question.

“Might? Numbers? Decision making? None of those are the right answer. It’s true that they have the numbers, but we are superior in terms of might and combat experience. Such a one-sided defeat wasn’t supposed to happen, yet it did. Why do you think you lost?” 

“…Because of the information?”

Burren slowly opened his mouth.

“That’s correct.”

Raon nodded at Burren.

“The sixth training ground fully understood the personalities and might of each of our members. They devised a strategy to counter each of us, using the Northern Grave Mountain’s geography. However, we didn’t prepare anything, thinking that we were obviously going to win.”

“B-but the time…”

“We didn’t have much time, but the same goes for them. Honestly, one day is enough time to obtain the minimum information necessary for the fight. That’s why Instructor Rimmer purposefully informed us one day before, so that we could get some practice.”

Raon snorted, glancing at the trainees.

“And you didn’t give up on it because you were out of time, but because you were too careless, thinking you could easily win. Lack of time isn’t an excuse.”



The trainees couldn’t refute that, so they just bit their lips.

“Even though the fifth training ground trainees are stronger than them individually, the difference isn’t overwhelming. Losing to the sixth training ground, who was prepared, is a natural outcome.”

“Then what shall we do? Isn’t everything over…?”

“Nothing’s over! Shut your mouth!”


Martha frowned and Dorian, hands trembling, zipped his mouth.

“Well, there were casualties, and we’ve lost a lot of stamina and aura. We are indeed at a disadvantage. However…”

Raon’s eyes glowed, looking at the location where the sixth training ground’s trainees must be preparing for their attack.

“They aren’t the only ones that have information.”

“Do you know anything about this?”

“The top trainee of the sixth training ground, Kein Zieghart, is the one who has been giving the instructions. He was the one who sent people in that can counter you guys.”

“Kein Zieghart? How did he do that?”

Martha ground her teeth.

“Kein Zieghart has an excellent sight and perception. He perceived the direction of your movement from afar and sent trainees that you’d have difficulties dealing with.”

“Kuh! Kein Zieghart.”

Burren groaned at his pride being trampled.

“He sent swordsmen that were proficient in defense to Martha, who is straightforward with an excellent strength and endurance, in order to exhaust your aura. He sent swordsmen that have learned the ‘Intuition Sword’ to Burren, who uses honest and systematic swordsmanship, so that you couldn’t do much against them.”

Raon told them precisely why the fifth training ground had lost.

“Then, how can we win? It’s simple. We have to change our opponents. We would win without much difficulty if Burren and Martha swapped their opponents.”

“That won’t do! I can’t hold back my anger if we end up winning like that.”

“…I’m sorry, but the same goes for me. Winning by running away is meaningless for me.”

Martha, Burren, and the collaterals all shut their mouths tightly.

“Alright. Then here’s the second solution.”

Raon nodded, as if he was expecting their reaction.

“We are going to attack differently.”

“Attack differently?”

“The sword formation that Martha faced was certainly solid, but the movement of their aura was sloppy. If you use your senses to strike where they couldn’t move their aura in time, you can easily break through it.”

He faced away from Martha and looked at Burren.

“Your systematic sword, which pursues perfection, is mere prey to the ‘Intuition Sword’. It is about swinging your sword without thinking, relying on your instincts.”


Burren frowned and nodded his head.

“The ‘Intuition Sword’ is a technique that relies on instincts, so they are easily tricked by fake movements. Use a feint and aim for the moment they take the bait. You should be able to do it.”

The trainees’ eyes were so wide, they looked like they would pop out.


“You’ve been here all along.”

“How did you know all that?”

“How on earth…”

The way he’d grasped the situation was more astonishing than their defeat against the sixth training ground.

“What the hell are you?”

“What kind of perception…?”

Martha and Burren’s jaws also dropped in surprise.

“But what shall we do if they change their plans?”

Dorian raised his hand and asked his question. Since he was a coward, it seemed he also had lots of worries.

“That’s a reasonable question, but their plans aren't going to change.”


“Because they’ve achieved victory once. The sweet taste of victory will make them repeat the same strategy to achieve an even more perfect victory.”

The hair on the back of the trainees’ necks stood on its ends, facing Raon’s confident gaze.

“But you said Kein’s perception is excellent. What if he reacts quickly and comes to the center or the top as reinforcement?”

“It’s fine. My perception is better than Kein’s.”

Feeling Kein’s presence at the center, Raon smiled.

“And he is going to come over here.”




Metun frowned, upon arriving at the fifth training ground’s foothold after checking the sixth training ground’s trainees.

“He is an arrogant child.”

He was worried, because he’d heard how calm and composed Raon Zieghart was, but it seemed like he didn’t need to worry.

‘Saying that his perception is better than Kein’s, that’s just ridiculous.’

Kein Zieghart’s strongest point wasn’t his excellent swordsmanship nor his outstanding amount of aura.


He had an excellent perception and sight that could read the opponent’s presence and condition.

He was even able to find the hiding instructors’ locations, so it wasn’t excessive to say that his perception wasn’t at a trainee’s level anymore.

Yet Raon said his perception was better than Kein’s. Honestly, he couldn’t help snorting at him.

“It’s going to be over soon.”

Considering Raon and the fifth training ground’s attitude, it looked like they could achieve victory a lot easier than he’d expected.

‘I should prepare a feast for the children.’

The winners should be rewarded. Metun was about to head back, thinking about the feast the sixth training ground was going to have to celebrate their victory.

“Aren’t you the arrogant one?”

A cheerful voice, carried by the wind, came from behind him.

Metun calmly turned around. A red-haired elf was giving off a sly smile.

“Did you just arrive?”

“No, I’ve been spectating for a while now.”

“You always give excuses after being late.”

“I told you that’s not true.”

Metun frowned, hearing Rimmer’s light voice.

“But what did you mean by that just now?”

“Just now?”

“You told me I was arrogant.”

“Ah, about that.”

Rimmer scratched his neck and snickered.

“Our side didn’t even draw our sword yet, and you’re considering the fight over, so arrogant is the best way to describe you.”

“You haven’t even drawn your sword, huh? You fought us head on and were already defeated. You are way more exhausted than us, in stamina and aura alike. It’s just hopeless.”

“That’s what you think.”

“You are just like that child. You guys are just bluffing.”

Metun shook his head, looking back and forth between Rimmer and Raon, who was giving instructions to the trainees.

“Kein’s perception is good enough to find the instructors’ presence. There’s no trainee in this small battlefield that can strategize better than him. He won’t be able to locate anyone—he’ll just end up losing like this.”

“Finding the instructors’ presence, huh…?”

Rimmer grinned and didn’t finish his sentence.

“Raon has already located my presence before, not just the other instructors.”


“The Raon Zieghart you underestimated because you considered him arrogant has found where I was hiding before.”

“Th-that’s a lie!”

Metun’s eyes wavered for the first time.

‘That doesn’t make any sense.’

Rimmer was an elf, despite injuring his energy center. It was difficult even for Metun himself to find him if he hid his presence, so he couldn’t believe that such a young trainee could sense him.

“I don’t lie.”

“Bullshit. I’m pretty sure you lie more than fifty percent of the time.”

“Ah, let me correct myself. I don’t lie about those children.”

Rimmer nodded and grinned.


Metun gulped and watched underneath.

“Even if Raon Zieghart has a better perception than Kein just like you said, it’s already too late. The victory is already decided.”

“Well, it does certainly look difficult, since four people have been eliminated and they are mostly out of strength. However, Raon has never disappointed me, not once.”

Rimmer grinned, watching Raon giving out instructions to the trainees.

“If your students are as careless as you right now, they will get wiped out in a blink of an eye.”


* * *


The sixth training ground trainees that had tasted victory were gathered in a circle just like in the morning, and Kein was at the center with the map of the Northern Grave Mountain.

“The fifth training ground’s flag is located here.”

Kein pointed to the western end with his finger.

“It will be over once we attack there.”

“It was worth all the effort, since we are actually about to win against the fifth training ground.”

“Everyone’s going to look at us differently after this.”

The trainees smiled as if the battle was already over.

“I told you it’s too early to rejoice.”

Kein stomped the ground to gather the trainees’ attention.

“Raon Zieghart and Runaan Sullion are at full strength. Raon is particularly problematic since he is the strongest guy in the fifth training ground. We will lose if we are careless.”

“But Burren and Martha have already exhausted most of their strength, and four of their trainees have been eliminated.”

“We are at an advantage, indeed. But I’m telling you to stop being careless.”

“We will easily win if Sir Kein grasps their situation and instructs us just like before.”

“Yes, we are counting on you!”

“Well, that’s true, but…”

Kein nodded slightly. He was pretending to be composed, but his immaturity was showing.

“Anyway, you can’t be careless. Do your best until the end.”


The trainees responded loud and clear, then stood up.

“There are two potential ways they are going to move from here on… Hmm?”

Kein, who was pointing his finger at the map, started glaring to the west.

“They’re coming.”


“The fifth training ground trainees have started moving once again.”


Kein closed his eyes without responding. Feeling the approaching trainees’ presence by opening his perception, he smiled lightly.

“It’s the same as before. Martha at the center, Burren at the top and the rest are at the bottom.”

“They still haven’t learned.”

“If they want to lose, then we are going to make them lose.”

“I guess even Raon can’t control Burren and Martha.”

“It’s already over.”

The trainees laughed at the fifth training ground’s trainees, who were running at them like fireflies.

“We are going to use the same strategy. Decal will face Burren Zieghart alongside the second and third groups, Dunn will face Martha with the first group, and Puyon will head to the bottom. Karin and I will stand by in preparation for Raon and Runaan.”


The sixth training ground trainees answered loudly, then ran off to defeat their assigned opponents.

“Let’s prepare to finish this.”

Kein glanced back as he stood up. Karin drew her sword, nodding at him.

“Then which side is the first… hmm?”

He frowned, looking towards the bottom.

‘Runaan also moved this time.’

He could feel the presence of frost from the bottom. Runaan Sullion was there.


“Leave it to me.”

Karin nodded and ran towards the location Runaan was headed.

‘Karin should be able to stop her.’

Karin was a successor of a high rank vassal family just like Runaan.  Since she knew Runaan better than anyone, she wouldn’t be easily defeated.


Wham! Whack!


The crashing sound of boulders could be heard from the center. It was the sound of Martha clashing against Dunn once again.




Shortly after that, the sound of Burren clashing with Decal could also be heard.

“Let’s see.”

With two people standing guard, Kein closed his eyes and widened his perception.

Since he needed to send reinforcement if any side was getting pushed back, he scattered his aura at the top center and bottom to grasp the situation.


After checking all three sides, Kein’s eyes widened.

“H-how! Why are they all losing?”

Top, center, and bottom were all being pushed back by the fifth training ground.

“How is this happening?”

Even though they were facing the same opponent as in the morning, they were now losing one-sidedly. It was unbelievable.

‘Raon Zieghart. What have you done?!’

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