TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 53

 C 53


[Bleeding Curse (One-Star)]

Upon inflicting bleed on the enemy after a critical strike, there's a 10% chance to decrease the opponent’s physical abilities.



Raon exclaimed upon reading the explanation of the trait.

The 10% chance could’ve been better, but the trait had the potential of being extremely useful.

“You are really the giving tree, giving out stats and traits. Thank you.”

His strength, agility, and energy increased in addition to all his stats increasing by two. It was almost an increase of three to all his stats, and he even got a new trait.

Wrath wasn’t lacking in any way, earning the nickname ‘giving tree’.

It’s not a great trait. That’s one of the worst abilities that the King of Essence has.

“It depends on who uses it.”

Raon smiled. Wrath’s weapon was coldness, but Raon’s weapon was a sword, and he was good at surprise attacks.

Using his previous life’s techniques and experience, he could fully benefit from the ‘Bleeding Curse’.

“It’s perfect.”

Raon turned around and stood up. Putting his outer garments back on, he opened the dormitory’s door.


“I’m going to train for a bit.”


“I need to check out the changes in my body and get used to them.”

You are making the King of Essence unable to sleep!

“Sleep later.”

You should be stir-fried to death in lava!

Since Raon was happy, Wrath’s curses sounded like music to him. He ran towards the training ground while humming.




Two Months Later

Daybreak, the Training Grounds. 


Raon arrived at the training ground before anyone else and started practicing swordsmanship.

Soon after, Burren and Martha arrived almost at the same time.


“Does he even sleep…?” 

Burren clicked his tongue and grabbed his sword, and Martha started to warm herself up after frowning.


Runaan, who was sleepy in the morning, came out late and yawned like a baby sparrow.

It looked like she was completely freed from Syria’s darkness, as her eyes had gotten brighter than before. They were still blank, though.

The trainees that came up later also prepared to practice while chatting.

As such, another day was about to begin.




The training ground’s door burst open, and Rimmer entered.

“Instructor, the door shouldn’t be kicked open.”

“It’s fine because it’s mine.”

Rimmer waved his hand at the frowning Burren and went on the platform with light steps.

“Since you are in the middle of your training, just open your ears and listen.”

After clapping his hands to attract attention, he told them to keep training. It was an impossible task for the young trainees.

“How do I do that?”

“We aren’t experts!”

“Just tell us already!”

The trainees waved their hands, telling him to continue.

But Raon was properly listening to Rimmer’s voice while focusing on his swordsmanship.

“Then I’ll tell you. You’ve got a mission.”




The trainees’ eyes shone like stars upon hearing the word mission. Not just the collaterals, Burren and Martha’s mouths were wide open as well.

Of course, Raon just kept swinging his sword and Runaan was casually yawning next to him.

“Yes. It’s your first mission.”


“It’s a mission!”

“Is it finally time for a real battle?”

“Huff, huff…”

There were various reactions from the trainees. Some shouted in anticipation, some clenched their fists, and some started panting in excitement.

“Of course, you aren’t the only ones going on the mission. Since we can’t leave the children alone, the instructors—including me—will tag along.”

The trainees nodded. It looked like they expected it.

‘First mission, huh…?’

Raon recalled his first mission in his previous life as he listened to Rimmer.

‘Was I eight years old?’

He went on a mission alone at a much younger age. It wasn’t murder, but since the mission was to obtain information from an enemy camp, it was extremely dangerous and he’d actually almost died.

For the instructors to tag along on the first mission, he once again thought that Zieghart was not that cold-hearted.

“Wh-what is the mission?”

Dorian raised his hand as his lips trembled. He was already terrified, befitting the title of the biggest coward of the fifth training ground.

“There’s a hideout called Snow Tiger slightly outside of Zieghart’s protected area.”

It was a bandit’s hideout in the mountains. As Raon had never heard of the name Snow Tiger, its scale shouldn’t have been that big.

“They are connected to the South-North Union, and they’ve been living by collecting a small toll on the mountain road. However, their wrongdoing has become worse recently, as they often rob everything from the merchants or even kill them.”

“Then our mission is the bandits' extermination!”

“It’s a proper mission!”

“Bandits, huh…?”

“He said they are connected to the South-North Union, which is one of the five Demons. It could be dangerous.”

South-North Union was one of the five Demons that opposed the six Kings, which Zieghart belonged to.

It was a combined force of bandits in the Terukan mountains filling the south-western area, and the pirates of Rable River flowing from the north-east.

The bandits and pirates belonging to the South-North Union were mostly powerful people, capable of using aura. As such, one could easily die if they fought them while expecting them to be common bandits or pirates.

The leader of South-North Union in particular was an extremely powerful master, as one of the Ten Heavens of the Continent despite the fact that he was a leader of bandits and pirates.

The trainees swallowed. It seemed their first mission and the mention of South-North Union made them nervous.

“Well, well. I haven't finished talking yet.”

Rimmer clapped his hands again.

“Like you said, the mission was the bandits' extermination.”

“It was? Isn’t that past tense?”

“Yes. It was the bandits' extermination, but that changed yesterday.”



“What do you mean? Why did the mission change?”

“Because the bandits attacked the village to the south of their hideout, killed everyone living there, and ran away after setting it ablaze.”

The trainees closed their mouths at Rimmer’s unusually cold voice.

“Our mission isn’t the bandits’ extermination, but to track and annihilate the bandits.”

The trainees swallowed, looking into Rimmer’s somber eyes.

“When are we departing?”

Burren raised his hand.

“This evening.”

“Isn’t that too early?”

“Like I said, we don’t have much time since we are going to track down the bandits that ran away, instead of attacking a hideout that won’t move. There’s no such thing as early or late in house missions. Once you get a mission, you need to obey.”

“…You are right. I’m sorry.”

Burren uncharacteristically acknowledged his mistake and lowered his head.

“You are mostly used to training swords, but you can’t use those during a mission.”

As Rimmer signaled with a glance, the instructors brought five swords each.

“They are the real swords that were supplied during the fight against the orcs. The weight and the shape of the blade are all identical to the training sword you’ve been using. Use these swords from now on.”

“A real sword…”

“I-I’m a bit nervous.”

“What are you nervous about? This is something you must do.”

The trainees received the real swords one by one. Although they differed in degree, their hands were all trembling.

“Raon, this is your sword.”

“Thank you.”

Raon raised both his hands to accept the real sword. Even though he said its weight was the same as the training sword, it felt slightly heavier.

Rimmer smiled slightly and went on the platform again.

“Zieghart’s crest isn’t engraved on them, but they are the real swords provided by the house. It means that you are being acknowledged as Zieghart’s swordsmen, albeit temporary.”

“Zieghart’s swordsmen…”

“Acknowledged, huh?”

The trainees swallowed, looking at the real swords.

“Even if it’s temporary, you are still Zieghart’s swordsman. Make sure to prepare yourselves so that you won’t be ashamed, no matter what happens.”

Rimmer told them to return and prepare to leave, then gather again before dinner.

“What do we need to prepare?”

Burren followed him and asked.

“Think about it yourself. Not just the mission, but the preparation also contributes to your growth and experience.”

Rimmer waved his hand lightly as he answered.

“Hmm, that’s certainly the case.”

Burren nodded and stepped back, then Rimmer left to the rest area.


From Rimmer’s expression, Raon realized what Rimmer just said wasn’t true.

‘He thought it was a pain.’

It sounded good, but he was certain he’d just made it up because it was a bother.

‘I guess it has nothing to do with me.’

Raon was the best assassin, one who had completed countless missions. He didn’t even need to think about what preparations he needed to track down and kill.

‘I’m a bit nervous.’

His heart pounded slightly at receiving a mission after such a long time.


* * *

Raon went back to the annex building to prepare his luggage. Sylvia and Helen, who were tending the garden, stood up and smiled at him.

“Why are you here at this hour? No way, is it because you wanted to see your mom?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“So mean.”

Sylvia, who was approaching while smiling slightly, stood still. Her gaze was directed at the real sword on Raon’s waist.

“That sword…”

“I’ve received a mission.”

“Pardon? A mission?”

“M-mission? Why would a trainee get a mission…?”

Sylvia’s eyes were wide, and Helen dropped the gardening sickle in her hand.

“You don’t need to worry about it. It’s my first mission, so I'll be accompanied by the instructors.”


Upon mentioning that the instructors would accompany him, the color came back to Sylvia and Helen’s cheeks. They seemed to know what that was about.

“So, you are going on your first mission. My son really has grown up.”

Raon lowered his body to dodge Sylvia, who came to hug him.

“Did you just avoid your mom?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m out of time. We are departing this evening.”

Raon shook his head. He was mostly embarrassed, but he also needed time to prepare.

“Are you really leaving so early? What kind of mission is it?”

“Tracking criminals.”

“What kind of criminals?”


In order to avoid worrying Sylvia and Helen, he said they were thieves instead of bandits.

“You must be careful, even if they are thieves. As the saying goes, even a fly has its anger.”


“It might take some time since it’s a tracking mission.”

“That’s right, we will need to prepare some food.”

It looked like they felt a bit relieved upon hearing that he was going to chase after thieves.

“Then let’s get the beef jerky first.”

“Yes, we also need to pack some dried fruits and bread.”

Telling him to leave the food to them, Sylvia and Helen entered the annex building.

Raon smiled, looking at the busy kitchen. He felt comfortable whenever he was home. His slight excitement and nervousness had also subsided.

‘I guess I only need to prepare my stuff.’

Since Sylvia and Helen were excellent at packing food, it looked like he didn’t need to worry about it.


He just needed to pack the items to track down the criminals, and things like clothes, shoes, and robes.

Raon went to his room to stuff a light backpack with whatever he needed for the mission and put it under his bed.


He calmed himself down by sitting down on the floor and cultivating the ‘Ring of Fire’.

‘Since they don’t belong to the South-North Union, but are only connected to them, they shouldn’t be that strong.’

Since it was their first mission, the bandits shouldn’t be that powerful.

‘Since official roads should already be blocked, we will end up fighting the bandits hiding in the mountains.’

The bandits’ center of activity was the mountain. Even if the trainees were stronger than them, it wasn’t going to be easy to find and fight them in the mountains.

The trainees wouldn’t be able to find the bandits at first, so the instructors would end up guiding them to encounter the bandits and fight them.

‘Well, we don’t need to go through all that.’

Although it was part of training, the mission was still a mission. If he caught or killed the criminals on his own, he was going to be rewarded for sure. It was clearly an opportunity for him, as someone that needed to gain accomplishments.


Breathing out the dirty air after cleansing with the ‘Ring of Fire’, Raon opened his eyes.

‘Let’s do it.’




That Evening.

Because of Sylvia, who kept hugging him and wouldn’t let him go, he went to the training ground later than he’d planned.

The other trainees were there first, and most of them were as stiff as wooden dolls.

Burren was murmuring something, looking at the sky with clenched fists. Raon tried discerning it. He was saying that he was going to distinguish himself during the mission, but his voice cracked.

Martha was sitting on a chair at the opposite side. She was sitting with her legs crossed, glaring at any trainee who passed by. Judging from her rougher behavior than usual, she also seemed to be nervous.

On the other hand, Runaan was just staring blankly at her ice cream box. It looked like she was barely holding herself back from eating it.

“If you aren’t going to eat it right now, wouldn’t it be better to put it in your bag? Since you can’t use your hand like this.”


Runaan stared into Raon’s eyes for a long time, then she finally nodded and put the ice cream box into her backpack.

Her eyes were wavering slightly. It looked like she was feeling a bit anxious about the fact that the ice cream box was no longer in her hand.

‘She’s amazing.’

Even Burren and Martha were nervous, yet Runaan was the same as always. It looked like her only interest was whether the ice cream was going to break or not.

It was ridiculous, but he felt relieved that she seemed to be completely released from Syria’s brainwashing.

Call me later, when the girl takes out the ice cream.


While Wrath was murmuring that he wanted to taste the new ice cream, Rimmer kicked open the door and entered. Instead of the usual rag, he was wearing proper leather armor.

He went up onto the platform with the instructors.

“Stand in a line!”

As Raon stood in front of the platform and issued orders, the trainees lined themselves up.

“Forty-three trainees, nobody’s missing.”


Rimmer nodded, smiling.

“Is everyone ready?”


The trainees shouted their throats off in order to forget their nervousness.

“It’s a real battle from now on.”

Rimmer stood up. The smile that he always wore disappeared.

“The ones that we are after are extremely evil criminals that have robbed the lives and properties of dozens of people, then burned up a whole village before running away. Don’t consider them humans. Cut their head off as soon as you see them. You have my permission.”



Facing a pressure as intense as a typhoon, the trainees swallowed.

“Outside is a battlefield. It’s hell. Don’t let your guard down, brace yourselves at all times.”


The trainees replied nervously. Their voices had become even louder.

“But you shouldn’t be nervous, either. Nervousness stiffens your body, and you won’t be able to move like you usually do. I told you to not let your guard down, but I didn’t tell you to be nervous.”


Rimmer smiled once again. The trainees, whose shoulders were as stiff as a rabbit’s ear, slowly sighed.

“That’s why the role of the top trainee is important.”

His gaze was directed at Raon, who was standing at the center. A soft smile, the gaze was reflecting his trust and confidence.

“Raon Zieghart, can you do it?”

“Of course.”

Raon slowly bowed his head. Rimmer smiled in satisfaction, looking at his calm eyes with no sign of nervousness nor carelessness.

‘There’s no need to be nervous, nor to be careless.’

‘I’ll do everything.’

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