TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 44


C 44




Raon and the third prince’s swords screamed as their pressures crashed against each other.




The power that came up from his ankle was incorporated in his forearm muscle. A heaviness like carrying a boulder exploded on the sword’s side.


Both of the third prince’s hands, which were holding the sword, started shaking.

‘This is crazy!’

He’d realized that Raon was powerful from that one defeat, but he didn’t expect his might to be so overwhelming even when he faced him properly.


The third prince grit his teeth and gave a shout of concentration. He swung his sword with everything he had, as being pushed back would result in his defeat.




The two training swords crossed, and the third prince was pushed back to Raon’s left side.


The third prince regained his posture by turning his body, using his left foot as axis. A quick and structured movement, he seemed ready to take on any kind of attack.

However, his opponent exceeded his expectations.




Raon moved at the same time, regaining his posture using the River Footwork. Moving as if he was sliding, he appeared at the third prince’s back.


Since the third prince was also doing his best, his reactions had gotten faster. He stepped back and thrust his sword.




Raon tilted his sword to push back the third prince’s strike, which was aimed at his wrist.

“Not yet!”

The third prince’s sword bent like a living snake, thrusting towards his chest instead of his wrist. His eyes were full of his thirst for victory.




Raon’s eyes didn’t waver. Rotating his training sword in the other direction, he countered the rotation on the third prince’s sword.


The third prince stepped back while groaning. He looked like he couldn’t believe it, his chin trembling.


“I’ve already experienced it once.”

Raon glanced at Burren, who could be seen behind the third prince. He’d just canceled out the rotation in his sword, just like when he’d fought against him.

“Are you a monster, or a genius…?”

The third prince lowered his posture while biting his lip. Holding his sword with two hands, he turned it diagonally. Even though it was the same posture as before, his pressure felt different.

‘The Feres Swordsmanship.’

It was Feres Swordsmanship, which was only taught to the Owen Kingdom’s future.

As swordsmanship was left behind by Feres—the continent’s strongest swordsman a few hundred years ago—it was an advanced martial art that could attack and defend at the same time, containing the flow of the sky.


The third prince gave a firm shout of concentration and stomped on the ground. He dashed in like a tempest and struck upward with his sword.




Without confronting the third prince’s sword, Raon used the River Footwork. Like a twig fluttering in the wind, he grazed the sword.

The third prince followed up by striking down the sword that went up. It was a clean application of aura that allowed fast yet balanced movement.




Raon stepped back while deflecting the third prince’s sword using the ‘Combination Sword’.

“I won’t miss you any longer!”

The third prince kept chasing Raon, all while using a more completed Feres Swordsmanship. Just as it was supposed to contain the sky, the blade was filled with a majestic and profound energy.

‘Not bad.’

Raon smirked, feeling the third prince’s sword graze his forehead.

‘He is different from before.’

His might and willpower were both different from before.

‘I guess that’s to be expected from a prestigious kingdom…’

The Owen Kingdom was one of the Six Kings, and there was a good reason why it had acknowledged him. He was perfectly aware of the most important thing in a fight, despite his young age.

There was a possibility that he would fight the Owen Kingdom one day. That’s why he wanted to witness the Kingdom’s advanced swordsmanship, and it was indeed an excellent learning experience.

Moreover, the third prince kept thinking and adjusting his movements while fighting. He was an interesting opponent.




Raon fiercely parried the third prince’s sword as it twisted into his neck. It was a sharp strike, but he’d already finished analyzing it.

Since he’d been using the ‘Ring of Fire’ while fighting, it wasn’t difficult for him to analyze the swordsmanship. Any technique that the third prince used was being accumulated in Raon’s memory.





Raon wasn’t using footwork anymore. Firmly standing in place, he deflected all of the third prince’s strikes.


“That’s crazy!”

The third prince’s eyes widened, and Duke Tartan’s jaw dropped.


The third prince exhaled a long breath and took a step back. Straightening his shoulders, he tightened his grip on the sword.

“It’s not over yet. I still have the last method.”

Saying that, he lifted his sword. A high posture, as if he were supporting the sky. He kicked the ground just like that.

‘Is it a secret technique?’

Raon narrowed his eyes. Advanced swordsmanship had secret techniques, befitting their names. It looked like the third prince was about to use the Feres Swordsmanship’s secret technique.




The current exuding from the third prince’s entire body pressed upon him. It was a rush type swordsmanship that struck down after preventing an opponent’s evasion.

‘I’ll take it on.’

Raon pulled his sword to his left, behind him. Since he’d witnessed enough of his swordplay, it was time to finish.

The First Flame of ‘Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation’.


The red flame that appeared from the tip of his sword rotated like a cogwheel and pierced through the arena’s heated atmosphere.


The third prince didn’t withdraw, despite seeing the flame burst from Raon’s sword, because he trusted his aura and his sword.




The flame rushed out in a thin line, piercing through the third prince’s aura.


Between the pierced blue aura, the third prince’s widened eyes became visible. However, he wasn’t the third prince of the Owen Kingdom for nothing.

Using the last bit of his aura, he filled the gap in his aura.


Raon firmly announced, swinging his training sword to the end.

“Not yet! My sword is… huh?”

Chin trembling, the third prince stopped the sword that he struck down.

No, he had no choice but to stop, because his sword was already broken.

Raon’s vortex hadn’t only cut through the third prince’s aura, but also his training sword.


The third prince sank to his knees. He stared blankly at his broken sword.

“I-I was superior in terms of strength and speed…’

“Stepping back with footwork doesn’t necessarily mean that strength is lacking. Sometimes one steps back on purpose, in order to grasp a better opportunity.”

“...I certainly felt it.”


* * *

The third prince stood up with a sigh. After taking the broken sword and tidying his armor and hair, he stood in front of Raon once again.

“Thank you. I’ve felt a lot of things thanks to you for accepting the second match. The saying was true. It’s an endless world.”

He lowered his head as he said that. It was a courteous demeanor befitting a prince.

“I’ve learned a lot as well.”

Raon bowed towards the third prince as well.

“I’m sorry for looking down on you in the beginning. Please consider it this foolish man’s lack of insight.”

“It’s fine.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m fourteen years old.”

“Hah! I’ve lost to a swordsman younger than me, both in sword and in personality.”

The third prince laughed dejectedly. His expression showed his original personality.

“I think it will be fine if it’s you.”

Putting his hand inside his armor, he took out a tablet with the drawing of a blue shining lion, and the name of Greer was written on its back.

“Please accept it.”

“This is…”

“It's proof that the third prince of Owen, Greer De Owen, will accept any request.”


Raon’s eyes widened. The item that he’d just received from the third prince was a tablet symbolizing the prince, one that could grant his request.

“Why are you giving this to me…?”

“I’ve lost, but my mind has become clearer. This is the first time I’ve ever felt this way, like I’ve been enlightened.”

The third prince murmured that the tablet was cheap compared to what he’d gained.


Raon reluctantly accepted the tablet.

“We will meet again in the future. Please stay above me until that time, since it will be fun catching up to you.”

The third prince smiled brightly. Stepping out of the arena, he stood in front of Rimmer.

“Instructor Rimmer, we have lost. The reward from the bet will be given accordingly.”


Rimmer nodded with the same smile as before.

“Duke Tartan.”


“Let’s go back. I remembered something I needed to do.”


The third prince and Duke Tartan left the training ground alongside the knight trainees.

“Hmph! He kept putting on airs until the end, so annoying!”

Martha snorted with displeasure, kicking the collapsed arena.

“Putting on airs…”

Raon shook his head while watching the third prince’s back as it disappeared from view. The third prince’s eyes were completely clear.

‘Probably not.’

He had changed, and would continue to change. Just like Burren and Martha.


Raon licked his lips, looking at the tablet in his hand. He’d only accepted the spar for the sake of his training. He didn’t expect to receive something like that.

‘How curious.’

Because he’d only done assassinations without any reward in his previous life, he couldn’t get used to such a sudden reward.

He couldn’t understand the purpose and reason behind the gift. However, one thing he understood was that he didn’t have any bad intentions.

‘This life is also different from what I expected.’




The third prince visited the audience chamber immediately. When he announced his departure earlier than scheduled, the door to the audience chamber opened and the head butler Roenn stepped out.

“The lord says you may enter.”


The third prince swallowed and followed Roenn into the audience chamber.


Facing Glenn’s gaze, which didn’t seem to have changed at all from the first time he met him, his breath was taken away.

“Your eyes have changed.”

As he was about to kneel, Glenn’s low voice resounded. It looked like he was already aware of everything.

“It’s shameful, but I thought I was the best. I thought I could defeat any talented people from Six Kings, not just in the Owen Kingdom.”

The third prince continued, raising his calm eyes.

“And that was the same here, in Zieghart. I looked around the training grounds, but I couldn’t find anyone that met my standards. It was the same when I went to the fifth training ground. There were three powerful people, but I thought I could win against them. However…”

The third prince rubbed his right wrist, which had been beaten up by Raon.

“There was a powerful person that I didn’t even recognize. Raon Zieghart. I single-handedly lost after underestimating the might of a trainee younger than me. I insisted on a second match, and also lost that one.”


The third prince raised his head slightly at Glenn’s reaction. It felt like the audience chamber’s atmosphere had suddenly gotten softer.

It was as if he was telling him to keep talking.

“Hmm… I’ve visited and sparred in three places among the Six Kings, but I’ve never seen any trainee like Raon. Might, personality, and mind, he looked like a warrior that was complete in every aspect. Since I lost to a boy like him, I didn’t feel bad at all. I felt enlightened instead.”

The atmosphere in the audience chamber warmed as the third prince kept talking.

“There was a lot to learn from him, despite being younger than me.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. That’s why I want to go back now. I want to immediately apply everything I’ve realized from watching him.”

“I see. Tell the king that I’ve received his kind letter.”

“Thank you.”

After a polite greeting, the third prince left the audience chamber.


Inside the audience chamber, where only two people remained, the sound of someone holding back his laughter could be heard. Roenn was covering his mouth, looking at Glenn.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I couldn’t help it after seeing my lord’s smiling expression.”


Glenn tried touching his lips with his hand and grimaced.

“My lord has been smiling ever since the third prince of the Owen Kingdom mentioned young master Raon’s name. My lord must be overjoyed that his grandson was praised by another kingdom’s prince.”

“...You’re mistaken.”

Glenn cleared his throat for no reason, supporting his chin with his left fist.


“Don’t laugh.”


Roenn leaked out an even bigger laugh, but he closed his mouth completely at Glenn’s order.

“Rimmer’s bad habit has transferred to you after spending time with him.”

Glenn sighed and closed his eyes. The smile on Roenn’s mouth didn’t seem inclined to disappear any time soon.




“Your highness the third prince, we are ready to leave.”

Duke Tartan approached when the third prince came out of the lord’s manor.

“Thank you for your effort. Since I’ve said my goodbyes, I think we can leave right now.”

“Understood. Everyone, stand in a line.”


The knights and knight trainees lined up behind Duke Tartan, following his orders.

“Let’s go.”


The third prince walked at the front, and Duke Tartan licked his lips as he walked next to him.

“Do you have something to say?”

“When you sparred with the trainee Raon, I was thinking it might have been excessive to have used your hidden strength and the Feres Swordsmanship. It would’ve been better to hide your power…”

“I know, it was certainly excessive.”

“Yes. Feres Swordsmanship is the Kingdom’s highest tier swordsmanship. Nothing good will come from showing to in public. Moreover, giving away the godly tablet was too much…”

“That’s not true.”

The third prince stopped Duke Tartan’s words with his hand.

“Raon Zieghart showed favor towards me. He treated me with respect, despite me looking down on him in the beginning.”


“I was only showing my respect towards him in return. Moreover, he also showed me a swordsmanship that could be called a secret technique.”

“...That’s true.”

“And giving out that godly tablet was an investment.”

“By investment, you mean?”

Duke Tartan tilted his head.

“He has such a might, personality, and mind at that age. Even though he is a collateral, he will certainly become an important figure in the future. One whose name will be known throughout the continent. Being acquainted with such a person might be beneficial for me in the future, don’t you think?”

“I see. Reading that far into the future in the spur of the moment, that’s pretty amazing.”

“I’ve been raised in a kingdom where people live with a knife in their tongue and chest. I would’ve already died if I couldn’t calculate that much.”

The third prince smirked and walked ahead.


Duke Tartan scratched his chin. His expression was filled with cold-heartedness, unlike when he talked with the third prince.

‘He’s certainly changed.’

The third prince’s arrogance, based on his ability, had completely disappeared. What could be seen from his eyes now was his eagerness to improve.

“I really should buy him some drinks.”

Duke Tartan smirked, looking at the fifth training ground, which could be seen from the side.

“If we meet again later, that is. And…”

His eyes grew serious as he thought back to Raon, who would be inside the training ground.

‘I’m curious about what kind of monster he will be the next time I meet him.’

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