TRAIGS (Novel) Chapter 21

C 21


“Don’t tell me you forgot about it.”

Raon tapped Wrath, who was floating on his shoulder.

The King of Essence is the monarch of wrath, who rules over devildom.

Icy blue air radiated from Wrath. It was a bone-chilling coldness.

The King of Essence has not lied once since it came to existence.

The King of Essence and you are bound by a contract called ‘bet’. The rewards will be given, even if you don’t want it. So don’t worry about it.

“Then give them to me already.”

I’m asking you one thing before that.


How did you pierce through the pointy-eared bastard’s pressure, and how did you copy that arrogant guy’s martial art?

Wrath’s question was exactly what Raon had expected.

“Give me the rewards first.”

Hmm… Alright.

Once Wrath’s blue flame fluttered like a butterfly, messages appeared in the air.


[You have won the bet against Wrath.]


[The rewards are being handed out.]


[All stats have increased by 2.]


Raon bit his lip in ecstasy as the increase in stats washed over his body. However, there were still more rewards.


[A random trait of is being generated.]


[The 'Perception of the Snow Flower (One-Star)' has been generated.]


“Perception of the Snow Flower?”

Raon tilted his head as he looked at the trait’s name.

A trait too good for your insignificance has been chosen.

“What does it do?”

It’s an ability that increases the range of your perception. Since it is one-star, it will increase the range by about ten percent.

“Ten percent…”

If Raon could perceive ten meters around him, then it would become eleven meters with that trait.

It didn’t look like much, but if the range of his perception increased, then the trait’s use would increase accordingly.

The King of Essence could perceive ten times more than his original perception.

“I see.”

When he thought about it, the also had (One-Star) attached to it. That signified that the trait was going to develop, just like the trait ‘Ring of Fire’.

“That’s pretty good.”

Raon nodded. As an assassin, perception had been more important than power. As such, he was satisfied with a trait increasing his perception range.

“But why is it called ‘Perception of the Snow Flower’?”

It’s my personal taste. Just respect it.


The frozen flower bracelet was his taste, and now the name of ‘Perception of the Snow Flower’ was also his taste. His taste really sucked.

Since the bet with the King of Essence is over…

As Wrath was about to approach him, a new message appeared.


[You have achieved your first victory in a bet with Wrath.]

[The title 'First Victory' has been created.]

[The title’s effect has increased all stats by 1.]




Despite being unable to see the status window, Wrath could see the messages. His jaw dropped.

You damn rat! How dare you steal the King of Essence’s stats once again!

“I didn’t do it, your system did it on its own. Also, isn’t one point nothing compared to your main body’s abilities?”

Of… of course!

“Then it doesn’t really matter.”

That’s true, but…

Wrath awkwardly rolled his eyes, then sighed.

Haa, alright. It’s fine. It’s your turn now. Tell me your identity.

“Don’t wanna.”

What? What did you just say…?!

“I don’t want to.”

Raon shook his head with a straight face.

Are you mocking the King of Essence? You said you would reveal your identity…

“I didn’t say anything like that. I only asked you to give me my rewards first.”


Wrath’s jaw dropped as he recalled exactly what happened.

“Isn’t that right? I never told you I would answer.”

Raon slightly smiled.

‘I shouldn’t tell him about the reincarnation.’

In order to explain how he used the expertise of the assassin Raon, he would have to tell him about the reincarnation. Since he couldn’t predict what Wrath would do, he couldn’t let him know about his reincarnation.

‘Same goes for the ‘Ring of Fire’.’

On top of protecting and developing the mind and body, the ‘Ring of Fire’ also had the special ability of identifying the flow of martial arts.

That included other people’s martial arts, on top of his own. That’s why he was capable of copying Burren’s Void Tiger Fist during their duel.

Of course, it was only possible because Burren’s achievement in the Void Tiger Fist was lower than his ‘Ring of Fire’, which was enhanced by the status window.

Anyway, Raon had no intention of giving any information to Wrath to begin with.

‘Because he is an enemy.’

They had gotten a bit closer, but Wrath was still aiming for his body and soul. He couldn’t give him any information, no matter how small it was.

You made a fool of the King of Essence!

Wrath couldn’t hold back his anger anymore and radiated icy flames. Raon felt the pain of tens of thousands of ice knives piercing his skin.

‘But I can endure it.’

It was a relief that he met Wrath after obtaining ‘Water Resistance’. If he didn’t have ‘Water Resistance’, or if Wrath’s affinity was fire, then he would’ve lost already.

Suppressing Wrath’s coldness, which was filling his heart with emotion, Raon smiled.

“You never learn. Attacking me when nothing else is happening will only result in your loss.”

Shut up!

Wrath’s flame became even more fierce. The coldness penetrated his bones, and his limbs started to tremble.




The coldness in his mana circuit was activated by the excessive external stimulation, making it extremely painful.


Inhaling slowly, Raon used his ‘Ring of Fire’. The pain began to subside.

What a brute! How are you even withstanding it?!


He casually responded, though his insides weren't the same.

It was difficult to hold on, despite having the ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Water Resistance’. If he didn’t have the experience from his previous life, where he went through all that hellish training, he would’ve fainted already.

Gritting his teeth, he endured it with everything he had. At that moment, a blue window appeared in front of his eyes.


[You have displayed extreme willpower in facing Wrath’s attack.]

[Agility and Stamina have increased by 1.]


When the messages announcing an increase in stats appeared, Raon’s mind and body were filled with vitality. The coldness pressing down on his mana circuit also started to subside.

Damn it!

Wrath cursed and left his body. His anger was the same, but he realized he was hurting himself by doing that.

Just who the hell are you?! The King of Essence has never witnessed a human like you, not in the entire history of humanity.

“I’m not sure, either.”

It wasn’t a joke.

Why was he reincarnated? Why was he born as a Zieghart, and why was he paired with Wrath? He didn’t have the answer to any of those questions.

Don’t underestimate the king of Essence, who will reveal your identity at all costs and consume your body and soul!

“As I keep saying—do it, if you can.”

Raon smiled and sat on the bed. The goose that laid the golden egg did an excellent job, once again.

“By the way…”

Raon’s eyes, directed out the window, wavered coldly.

“I wonder what that is.”




Inside the Central Martial Palace, where Karoon Zieghart dwelled, a room that looked like the definition of splendor was completely silent.


Burren Zieghart, who had been standing straight for almost four hours, started to groan.

Karoon, who was sitting at the desk, finally looked at him.

“Burren Zieghart.”


Since Burren hadn’t spoken for hours, his voice was hoarse.

“What was my command?”

“It… It was to become the top trainee. A-and you also asked me to not lose to anyone!”

“Correct. I wasn’t asking much. I just wanted you to get first place, after winning against the girl from the Sullion family and trampling over Raon.”

Karoon’s eyes burned red in anger.

“And yet… Not only that girl, you also lost to the son of the insect that dropped out of the direct line! In front of everyone, at that!”

The low and cold voice resonating throughout the room made him feel like his heart was being crushed.

“How much will you disgrace me? Do you want to become like the third or the fourth?”

“No, not at all!”

Burren kept shaking his head, trembling. He didn’t want to become like his two older brothers, who weren’t even mentioned by name anymore.

“You’ve already lost your first chance.”

Karoon’s eyes didn’t contain any hint of delight at seeing his son after such a long time. Only anger and irritation existed.

“I… I am aware.”

Burren couldn’t meet his intimidating gaze, biting his lip as he looked at his feet.

“The top trainee will be chosen again once basic training is over, upon trainee graduation. Bring me that title.”


Burren swallowed and responded as if he was spitting blood.

“If you want to live as a part of the direct line of Zieghart, don’t waste your last chance.”

Karoon waved his hand, signaling him to get out.

“Th-thank you.”

Burren couldn’t even look at his father’s face properly, despite not seeing him for six months. He left the room while lowering his head.

“Damn it!”

After leaving the Central Martial Palace, Burren punched the wall while screaming.

“It’s because of that bastard…”

He gritted his teeth. Since he was used to being complimented, his father’s admonition affected him even more.

And the fact that a mere insect like Raon was the cause of all of it made him even angrier.


He sighed, trying to get rid of the irritation filling his heart, but he didn’t feel any better. Trying to refresh himself, he started to wander aimlessly.

“Why am I here…?”

When he came to, he had arrived at the fifth training ground. The door was closed, so he went over the wall.

“It’s as expected.”

Burren sneered. Despite the entrance door being closed, the doors to the indoor gymnasium and locker room were all still open.

“Stupid instructors.”

He curled his lips and headed to the locker room. When he was about to close the door, he noticed the locker with Raon’s name on it.


Murmuring that he was only going to look, he opened Raon’s locker. It was neat inside. There was nothing except a box at the bottom of the locker.

‘Why is there a box here… huh?”

Burren’s jaw dropped as he looked inside it.


* * *

‘Wh-what’s with this number of shoes?!’

The box contained training shoes with the bases either worn out or torn off. And there weren’t only a few of them, but over ten pairs of them.

‘He did this in six months?’

He examined the shoes in disbelief, but they all had the same shape and size. They were all Raon’s shoes.


Burren gasped. He was also supplied with training shoes, just like Raon. But he had only replaced them twice.

‘How does this make any sense?’

The fact that Raon had replaced his shoes more than ten times, while he had only replaced them twice, was difficult to believe.

“This is crazy…”

Looking at the shoes, which looked like they had been worn for several years, he felt like he had been hit over the head with a club. The shock was much greater than when he was scolded by his father.

‘I feel like I just woke up from a dream.’

Once his head cleared, he remembered the facts that he’d been trying to ignore.

The fact that Raon arrived at the training ground earlier than anyone and returned later than everyone.

The fact that he never gave up training, despite sweating heavily and breathing frigid air from his mouth.

The fact that he kept running alone in the training ground after night fell, after his stamina training in the indoor gymnasium.

‘While I’ve been superficially swinging my sword and resting in the dormitory, he’s been surpassing his limit every day…’

That was the reason that Raon’s spirit was better than any other temporary trainee…

‘This is how a real Zieghart should be.’

Among everyone in the fifth training ground, the one who was the most suited to being a warrior of Zieghart was Raon.

‘On the other hand, I…’

He scorned and mocked him, and without being able to accept the results of the test, he disgracefully lost to him 


His face grew red in embarrassment. He hated himself for all the dirty and disgraceful acts he had done, blinded by his envy.

After sitting in the locker room for a while, he lifted his head. His green eyes were brimming with determination, unlike when he entered the training ground.

“Never again…”

What had already happened couldn’t be changed. Not repeating the same mistakes was the important part. That was what a Zieghart should do, and what he was going to do from that moment on.


Breathing out deeply, he got rid of his selfishness. His steps as he left the training ground were as light as Rimmer’s.




Two days after he returned to the annex building, Raon’s routine was the same as when he was at the training ground.

From daybreak, he started running around the annex building, and he trained his strength without any equipment after breakfast.

Since he spent his time with Sylvia the day before, there was only one being that would bother him.

Are you training again? It’s boring. Perform some cute tricks for the King of Essence.

Ignoring the whining Wrath, Raon was about to keep training. Before he could, someone came to visit him.

“I am Roenn, the head butler of the lord’s manor.”

He was a kind looking old man, with half his hair dyed the color of a cloud.

“The head of house has summoned the young master.”

He bowed respectfully.

“Did you say summon? Why me…?”

“It’s to award you with a bronze tablet.”


Raon frowned. He’d thought the tablet was just going to be delivered, but he was personally summoned instead.


Sylvia, who was inside the building, ran over to the window.

“S-sir Roenn.”

“Lady Sylvia.”

Since they obviously knew each other, they bowed at the same time.

“Fa—I mean, did the head of house personally summon him?”


“By any chance…?”

“Nothing bad will happen. It’s just an awarding ceremony, after all.”

Roenn smiled kindly to ease her worries.


“It’s okay. I’ll be back.”

Raon dusted off his clothes and put on his outer garment.

“Wait! Change before you go!”

“It’s fine like this.”

Glenn was inherently a warrior. He wasn’t going to dislike him for coming in the middle of his training.

“Then let’s go.”

Roenn smiled and walked ahead. Raon gestured to Sylvia with his eyes and made his way to the lord’s manor.





Raon’s hands trembled as he looked at Glenn, sitting on his golden throne.

Meeting his eyes alone, in the audience chamber large enough to fit hundreds of people, made his mouth dry.

Is he bragging about being slightly stronger? I want to stab his red eyes.

Of course, the crazy Wrath was different.

“I shall keep my promise, whether I like it or not.”

Saying such an unnecessary thing, Glenn gestured at Roenn.


Roenn slightly nodded and brought the bronze tablet shining faintly.

“Thank you.”

Raon accepted the bronze tablet from Roenn. The Zieghart’s emblem, a burning sword, was engraved on the middle of it.

“I’m awarding you with this bronze tablet. By returning the bronze tablet, you can ask for an equivalent object or request.”

“Then, can I do that now?”

Raon looked up to Glenn, holding his tablet. He’d already decided how he was going to use the tablet.

“…State your will.”

After a moment of silence, Glenn nodded.

“Sylvia Zieghart.”


“How can I return my mother to her original position?”

Since they didn’t expect him to say that, both Roenn and Glenn looked down at Roan with wide eyes.

“By original position… Are you implying her position in the direct line?”


Glenn closed his mouth. He surveyed him from head to toe, trying to figure out his intentions. Raon felt like his heart was being crushed, just from his gaze alone.


“By accomplishments, you mean…”

“If you achieve an accomplishment that the entire family will acknowledge, then it is not an impossible feat.”

“So, you’re implying that it can be done.”


Glenn nodded. He continued with a slightly brighter expression than before.

“However, it’s almost impossible. Being acknowledged by multiple people is more difficult than plucking a star from the sky.”

He lifted the corner of his lips, as if he were mocking him. It looked like he was certain that Raon couldn’t achieve it.

Insolence! If the King of Essence had his main body back, he could kill him in a few thousand bouts!

Wrath glared at Glenn with burning eyes. However, a few thousand bouts meant that he was a powerful opponent, one that would be difficult for Wrath to manage.

“Then I don’t need it.”

Raon gave the bronze tablet back to Roenn.

“Thank you.”

Getting accomplishments was something he’d done as often as breathing in his previous life. Resolving that he would return Sylvia to her original position, no matter what mission he had to accomplish, he stood up.


When he was about to return, Glenn’s voice could be heard from above the platform.

“You didn’t state your requested reward yet.”


“You only asked a question. That is something that can be answered without a tablet.”

When Raon turned back, Glenn was looking at him with the same cold eyes. However, something unspeakable seemed to have changed.

‘What is it?’

He’d never thought Glenn would say such a thing. Since he’d thought Glenn would take the tablet back no matter what, it was rather unexpected.

“State your wish.”


Raon’s eyes shone, looking at the bronze tablet that Roenn was holding.

‘The next wish is already decided too.’

He’d already thought of what he needed the most, after the question about Sylvia’s restoration.

‘The aura cultivation technique.’

The ‘Ring of Fire’ was certainly an eternal cultivation technique, but it only trained his body and soul. It was unable to create an aura.

He needed an aura cultivation technique, one that was better than the shadow aura cultivation technique he had learned in his previous life.

“I need an aura cultivation technique.”

“Aura cultivation technique? The instructors will teach you that during basic training.”

It was true. The cultivation technique taught during basic training was better than average among the continent.

However, it wasn’t enough.

In order to restore Sylvia’s position, and cut off Derus’ head, he needed a better cultivation technique.

“I need a better aura cultivation technique. I want you to bestow me with one equivalent to the bronze tablet.”


Glenn closed his eyes. Raon kept thinking it, but Glenn was less expressive with his emotions than he was, and he had been an assassin. His nickname of cold-blooded really did suit him well.




When he flicked his fingers, his eyes still closed, the floor of the lord’s manor began to tremble.




Golden flame appeared from the ground. From the spiral flame, a circular bookshelf soared upward endlessly.

“This is…”

Raon’s eyes widened. The bookshelf was enormous enough to reach the audience chamber’s high ceiling, and books of assorted colors and shapes were placed between each divider.

“This is one of Zieghart’s bookshelves. If you put your hand at the center, the book you need the most right now will come out.”

“I… I see.”

Raon calmed himself down and approached the bookshelf. It was so tall that looking up at it made his neck hurt, and there were so many books that they could be called countless.

‘I just need something better than the shadow aura cultivation technique.’

He put his hand on the bookshelf, wishing for a better aura cultivation technique than the shadow one




The bookshelf vibrated and the books trembled as if they were cold.

The bookshelf rotated for a bit, then stopped.




The first book from the first partition, which couldn’t even be seen properly, flew out and opened.




It emitted a golden light so bright that he couldn’t even open his eyes.

“What is this?!”

Glenn Zieghart, who was watching the scene, suddenly stood up—breaking the armrest of the throne in the process. 

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