IBRV (Novel) Chapter 11

 C 11

"Is this the girl?"

"I guess so."

As I opened the door, I was greeted by two familiar children.

They were Erno Etham's two sons, whom I had seen at the New Year's meeting.

"Even when I saw her at the meeting, she was pea-sized, but up close, she looks small. Oh, Father, what kind of sister is this..."


"Oh, I know, I know. Are you ready?"

"Oh? Yes..."

The boy with fiery red hair and golden eyes looked at me.

"Is this Callan Etham...?"

With a sharp impression and curly hair, his personality is as twisted as his hair. He has a rather irritable and warrior-like personality.

When he grows up, he'll become one of the strongest people in the <Adopted> worldview.

He has a warrior-like personality and seemed like he'd wield a sword, but he surprisingly excels in magic.

"She's really small."

And the dark-haired boy standing to the left, with a calm expression that looks exactly like Erno Etham, is probably...

Silian Etham.

On the other hand, Silian Etham doesn't seem to move much, but he has surprisingly high talent for swordplay.

It's said that his personality and appearance are a bit similar to Erno Etham's.

"Yes? Then let's go."

Silian Etham looked at me and extended his hand.

I carefully took his hand.

They're incredibly tall for nine and ten-year-old children.

Oh, by the way, Callan is the older brother.

"Have they been this different since they were young?"

I took his hand and followed the two diligently.

But well, aren't they...

"Huff, puff..."

Walking a bit too fast?

I walked enthusiastically but couldn't keep up with the fast pace, and later, I could barely open my exhausted mouth.


At my call, the two boys stopped rather unnaturally.

"Y-You're walking too fast..."

I'll end up transforming if I continue like this!

Until now, I didn't know because I was always in Erno Etham's arms, but the marble-floored hallway was longer and harder than I thought.

"Do I sound like I'm complaining?"

My body froze at their tense stares.

It was because the cold eyes of the younger brothers from my previous life came to mind.

"What's with those eyes? Are you looking at us now?"

"Why can't you do what you're told? You're so stupid that I wonder if you can be of any use. I'm sorry for my mom and dad who gave birth to a sister like you."

They liked ordering me to do things I couldn't and would laugh at me. And when I couldn't do it and tried to rebel, they'd roll their eyes.


I reflexively held my breath and barely managed a smile.

"No, I'm fine."

At those words, Callan Etham's expression wrinkled, and Silian Etham's expression turned subtle.

"But I'm slow... I'll go by myself. So I don't become a bother, my brothers can go first..."

"Hey, you."

Callan Etham came closer and looked at me with wide-open eyes.

He came closer to me.

"I don't like being hit..."

It was when I closed my eyes tightly.

Suddenly, a hand lightly touched the top of my head.

"If you can't come, you should tell us, why are you just foolishly following us?"

"I didn't even think about how small you are."

Callan Etham and Silian Etham said with a slightly embarrassed expression. I cautiously opened my tightly closed eyes.

"Do you mind if we carry you?"

"But, I'm heavy..."

"Are you heavy? It doesn't matter."

Callan Etham said with a mocking snort.

"I'm not going to be the one carrying you anyway. Hey, Silian."

"...Brother, you really..."

"I have no interest in using my body."

Callan Etham shrugged and handed me over to Silian Etham.

Silian Etham approached and lifted me up, then tilted his head as if something was strange and lowered me.

"She's light..."

Silian murmured softly.

"It would be better if I carry you on my back."

Silian Etham bent down to show his back.

As I approached hesitantly and placed my hand on his shoulder, Silian Etham put me on his back.

"Hey, you."

Callan Etham opened his mouth and ruffled his hair with his hands.


"I pity you, so listen carefully. Don't give too much affection to my father. My father often makes jokes like this."

Callan Etham, who had been following me, started talking like a tsundere.

Oh, is he surprisingly kind?

I laughed as I leaned on Silian Etham's back.

"And the reason he recognized you as his daughter..."

"I know."

I gently interrupted with a smile on my face.

"Yes, there are things like that in the world. So don't take it to heart and... what?"

"I know that too; my father doesn't like me very much."

"You know...?"

At that moment, we arrived at the dining room.

I touched Silian's shoulder. Silian slightly bent his knees with a puzzled expression and set me down.

"Hmm, I have a secret like that too, so it's okay."

I lightly pressed my lips with my little fingers that looked like broken candy sticks, turned around, and ran into the dining room.


"Daughter, did you have a good nap?"

"Yes! I missed you..."

As soon as I ran to him, he greeted me with open arms as if responding to my words.

I threw myself into his arms.

This is a play. It was a fact that I also knew.

"You brought her back safely, good job."

"Yes, Father."

"What's so difficult about bringing back a pea-sized girl?"

The two brothers sitting around the table looked at me.

Erno Etham, who had been toying with my cheek as if he noticed the subtle airflow, opened his mouth.

"Why do you look like that? Did something happen to my daughter?"

"No, nothing."

"Hmm, is that so?"

Erno Etham, with narrowed eyes, seemed to notice the strangeness but didn't bother to ask further.

The meal, which started slowly, was delicious.

"Oh, come to think of it, I heard that the Patriarch suddenly left the mansion."

"Ah, it seems they found my sister's daughter."

I sat quietly on his thigh and became his plaything.

He touched both my cheeks so much that they gradually became warm.

Of course, it wasn't painful.

"If it's Father's sister... is it the aunt who left home before?"


He responded casually and touched the stuffed tiger I held in my arms.

"You're still carrying that stuffed animal."

"Yes, it's very cute."

"I heard you even use it when you sleep."

Oh, how did you know that?

I had always dreamed of sleeping while hugging a doll, so I would sneak it under the blanket before going to bed.

So what? Everyone has a dream.

A dream of sleeping while hugging a big stuffed animal.

"Of course, this stuffed tiger isn't big..."

Still, I think I know why children have comfort toys.

It was soft to the touch, so it felt nice to hold.

"I should take this with me when I leave the mansion."

I have no intention of taking anything from this house except money, but this is an exception.

Erno Etham, who watched me bury and rub my face into the stuffed tiger, extended the tips of his fingers toward me as if possessed and stopped as if surprised by something.

At that moment.

Bzzssst –

Red sparks jumped from his ring. Erno Etham's eyes narrowed at the sudden situation.

Just as I was about to get off his thigh, a red spark shot out from the ring and shattered it.


He clutched his head and stood up from his seat.

Sparks swirled around him.

The whites of his eyes were tainted black, and his iris, like dripping honey, oscillated between gold and blood.

"Callan, Silian. Get out of here right now...!"



I looked at Erno Etham, who staggered dazed.

Sharp fangs sprouted, and a groan escaped from his teeth.

It was a sudden attack.

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